GoldBikiniClub Guidebook

About GoldBikiniClub

GoldBikiniClub is a meeting place for beautiful adult women and rich adult men.

GoldBikiniClub is a place dedicated for people looking for acquaintance based on mutual benefits; a place where it is not the quantity, but the quality that matters from the start.

GoldBikiniClub prohibits the publication of announcements of escort type.
All profiles and announcements of escort type will be removed by the administrator.

We believe that in the world today no one should spend time on relationships in which the personal expectations do not match, and this rule matters certainly for beautiful women and rich men. Our objective remains to ensure that only people participate in the service who would meet the expectations of the other party. Women will be Beautiful. Men will be Rich.

We have worked out a short guide for all those who consider joining the circle of our users now as well as for people who have been with us for a long time.

Discover new, interesting people. Have fun, enjoy, but always protect your privacy and take care of your security!

How to start all this?

Make acquaintance

Prior to giving out detailed information about yourself to anyone, try to find out to whom you are talking. Exchange several messages, ask for the intentions and expectations.

Check in the conversation whether the information presented by the interlocutor agree with the information shown in the profile.

Beware of persons offering amazing things already at the beginning of the acquaintance – trips to distant corners of the world, purchasing very expensive things or offering huge amounts of money.

Prior to having a meeting in person, avoid giving out any information which could help to identify where you live, study or work.

Before first meeting

Before the first meeting, ask the person for his or her phone number and call before leaving your home to check whether the meeting remains as planned.

Never transfer money to someone whom you have not seen in person.
Any such request is a sign that you are dealing with a swindler.

First meeting

The first meeting should always take place in a public space - shopping centre, restaurant, hotel. A place with lots of people and where you can feel safe.

Be yourself. Arrive at the first meeting as you usually do when meeting your friends. Do not dress differently than usual; do not behave differently than usual. This is not a casting.

Attending a meeting in a shopping centre in the middle of the week at 1 pm wearing a formal suit or an elegant dress, spike heels and full make-up can make yourself unnecessarily conspicuous.

Verify whether the information provided during an online chat coincide with the reality - and if not, it is best is to end the meeting.

During the course of the meeting, try to get to know the other person and to find out what does he or she expects from the relationship and from you. The more things you agree on at the beginning, the better.

Agree mutually if you both feel like continuing the relationship. Do not let yourself get coaxed into doing something that you do not really want.

Questions and answers

Q: What is a relationship based on mutual benefits?

A: In principle, this is any relationship between a man and a woman. YES – this is exactly what we say. We believe that there is no such thing as a selfless relationship between a man and a woman. There is always something expected by one of the parties from the other - for some people it is sex, for some it is prestige, for others it means a guarantee of safety and, for many, simply material benefits.

We welcome a discussion for anyone who does not know at least one example from real life where a woman has married a man for his money. But to be clear - we believe there is nothing wrong with this.

Q: Why do beautiful women always look for rich men?

A: A mean answer would be - because they want to get rich without working hard. We disagree with this. The fact that beautiful women are preferred by rich men can be explained in a simple way - the rich men in the vast majority are: better educated, more cultured, healthier, more intelligent (they have gained their wealth somehow) - therefore they are ideal candidates for the role of a guardian of hearth and home and for the role of father of the children.

Q: Beautiful women are not always looking for rich men!

A: We agree. Not always. But often. Word of approbation for those who are not hesitating to say this openly. The ones who think we are not right are kindly asked to send us a few examples of top models who have married teachers, workers or unfulfilled artists. A free annual premium membership will be granted to the person giving us the largest number of examples.

Q: What is the difference between a relationship based on mutual benefits and dating?

A: That no one lies at the beginning of the relationship! YES – this is exactly what we say. If you are a beautiful woman, have an account on a dating website and are approached by men who claim that they have selected your profile because of your hobbies and your passion for classical music, you have to be sure that 99 of 100 men LIE!

Within a relationship based on mutual benefits, both persons clearly say at the beginning what they expect from the other party. Most frequently, women wish to meet rich men who will help them to reach their goals, make their dreams true or simply look after them and, on the other hand, the rich men expect that the women they care for will be beautiful.

Q: Looking for a millionaire - will I find him on GoldBikiniClub?

A: YES. On GoldBikiniClub you will definitely find a millionaire. However, it all depends on what criteria will be used for this kind of evaluation. To be continued.

Q: Looking for a millionaire - but who is actually a millionaire?

A: That’s the point! The key is to determine who is millionaire exactly? Is a millionaire someone with an apartment in downtown Warsaw worth, let us say, 1.5 million zloty? He could be one, but this is not for sure. The apartment can have been purchased with a loan, inherited or, even worse, it can be owned by his wife.

Q: Who is a millionaire then?

A: Primarily, the word ‘millionaire’ is not the key here, but the attribute ‘rich’

. A millionaire, as mentioned above, can have an apartment/house worth millions but no available financial means that could be spent on you. Therefore, it is of no importance what a rich man already owns; it is important how much financial means he has available that could be used to spoil you.
That's the point here.

Q: OK. So looking for a rich one - will I find him on GoldBikiniClub?

A: YES. You will find many rich men on GoldBikiniClub. With the emphasis on men. We do not accept the Rich below 21 years of age, regardless of their financial status. We shall defend this principle by any means. If you notice a man younger than 21 years of age and you are certain of that - just let us know. We will take care of each case.

Q: Looking for a sponsor - will I find him on GoldBikiniClub?

A: YES, but.... A sponsor and a rich man are two different matters. And you need to be aware of this. Not every rich man wishes to be in a relationship where he would be described as the Sponsor.

Q: I am looking for a sponsor - how to get started?

A: First of all, create an interesting profile of yourself. A basic data set does not tell anyone much about yourself. Of course, if you are 175 cm tall and weight 50 kg, a significant number of men will pay attention to you but this still does not mean that all of them will write you. Write something about yourself: what you do in your life, what your interests are, what kind of sponsor you are looking for.

Q: Looking for a sponsor - do I need to post my photo in the profile?

A: NO. You are not obliged to do anything. But adding a photo will strongly improve the attractiveness of your profile and draw the attention of a significantly higher number of men.

Q: I am interested in a permanent sponsorship arrangement - will I find one on GoldBikiniClub?

A: Yes. And no. Yes, because this is one of the goals of our activity. No, because everyone will have a different understanding of a permanent sponsorship arrangement. All must be established between the two adults who are interested in one another.

Q: Sponsoring, sponsorship arrangement - what should I expect?

A: It all depends on you. You decide everything! Never let yourself get coaxed into doing something that you do not really want. The key is to set expectations for each party and to clarify rules at the beginning of the relationship.